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Web3 Report: Community, Growth and Marketing in the New Internet

How Blockchain, NFTs, Tokens and the Metaverse are revolutionizing how we think about marketing and business models in 2022

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In this report, you'll learn:

What the f**k is Web3
The foundational changes coming to the internet
The importance of culture in Web3
Why token-incentivized communities are becoming the greatest marketing tool this world has ever seen
Read case studies of how major brands like Reddit, Twitter, Adidas and the NFL are already using web3 tactics to grow
How Social Tokens, DAOs & Gamification can transform your community
How to use NFTs for branding, marketing, and generating additional revenue streams
The future of advertising and marketing in the Metaverse
The future of digital economies and Web3 gaming
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A community of creators, entrepreneurs & marketers on the forefront of Web3 innovation focused on creating thriving communities and transforming traditional business models!We're bringing together the business savvy DOers in this world who want to learn and take action early with Web3.

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  1. This report will give you a detailed understanding and show real world use cases for the different Web3 tools available today and the potential for the future. It takes everything happening in the web3 space and provides a framework and summary in one report.

  2. The Web3 Academy discord is the place to continue learning, ask questions, share experiences and network with other DOers in Web3. We have weekly interviewers with those in the space that are implementing Web3 in their business and provide a weekly rollup of all things Web3 news!

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